Zoey (Jane Levy) returns from a “Mo’cation” for an extra stuffed stocking full of music and dance numbers. We last left Zoey and Max (Skylar Astin) able to hear each other’s heart songs. What better way to celebrate than having the entire cast sing Christmas tunes? If only it were that easy.

Since Mitch’s (Peter Gallagher) death in season one, I’ve had “Bad Blood” with this show. Sometimes it’s sing-out loud fun, while other times it’s a bad TRIP not worth taking. That grief and healing surrounding Mitch is a perfect topic for a Christmas special. When the show… I mean, “movie” focuses on the family’s loss, it becomes enjoyable like “Home Sweet Home.”

However, the real glue that continues to hold ZOEY together is Mandy Moore’s award-winning dance choreography. Each song is elevated by the lead actors’ performances and how she gets them to move.

I also dig that Roku Channel resurrected this canceled show. Look, did I need an over-long version of ZOEY surrounded with Christmas love? Heck, no. But did I get some closure from a few characters that were left in cliffhanger moments last season? Yes, I did. That alone makes it worth anyone’s time that has already watched the ZOEY TV series.

If you’re looking for a musical that’s on the level of TICK, TICK… BOOM! you will be sadly disappointed. But, if you’re looking for a messy mid-grade musical that’s better than this year’s CINDERELLA remake, you’ve come to the right place. 

ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY CHRISTMAS is available on the Roku Channel.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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