Satisfying enough, but not fully. I love the epic Marvel Studios action, but I can’t help but feel like a lot of things are still left unexplained, or possibly ignored, and at times inconsistent with MCU continuity, which admittedly, bothers me a little. It’s the one time I felt the series rushed things a bit too much.

Having said that, I still felt a lot of emotion from this episode. The feels are palpable, beautiful, and somber. And it really drives the full point of this series home.

The episode and my lukewarm response doesn’t change how I view the series as a whole, which we’ll get into on this site later. And as a single episode, I still like it, but nevertheless, I was honestly looking for something a bit more conclusive out of “THE SERIES FINALE.”

The final episode of WANDAVISION and the entire series are now available to binge on Disney+.

Mike Manalo

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