Chase and Harper try to move forward with their plans, but their choices backfire.


ALIA SHAWKAT- And just like that, the most interesting character in this show is Angela / Emily, played by Shawkat. It is her who has the most to lose. It is her whose interests aren’t exactly the clearest. It is her who is the most conflicted at the moment, and ultimately the biggest impact on how this story ends will be on her giving her newfound stakes in the proceedings. Shawkat seems to hold her own effortlessly, and this character seems to be building up to something big. It will be interesting to see.


FLASHBACKS- The flashback scenes in this episode were way more engrossing than they have been up to this point. We see Faraz Hamzad’s controlling nature toward those around him, including his wife, who turns out to be the more intelligent of the two. We see why Dan and his wife fit so perfectly with one another. And we also see why they should never be together.

ZOE- To me, the highlight of this episode was in the final scene, where Zoe makes a justifiable play against Dan to give herself a sense of security amidst all the madness going on. It is quite a relief that her character’s given something to do other than be a typical hostage.

It’s very clever for her to use the pain from the process of her divorce to get some leverage against Dan just in case he gets too upset and wants to kill something. I think the episode wants the audience to think that what she does is messed up, but Zoe earned her moment this week.


“In this moment, I wanna know that I’m not just another complication in your story. I want to know that the next time we disagree, I have the resources to make you think twice about threatening me or throwing me in the trunk of a car, or lookin’ at me the wrong way to shut me up. I want to be accounted for.”


Things I didn’t like

Nothing really.


Sometimes a show can be consistent on a week-to-week basis without many (if any at all) flaws that take away from the atmosphere, performances, or storyline. The pace of this show isn’t what the pilot episode promised. But that is not worth complaining about here. The flashbacks, supporting characters, and genuine tension are on point.

It’s available on Hulu.

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