When Dan Chase’s past catches up to him, he must flee the town he’s called home for three decades.


JEFFREY LEON BRIDGES- When I come to think of it, Jeff Bridges is one of the most underappreciated actors that we’ve ever had. Over the past 25 years, he’s been one of the more consistent, lovable, diverse, consistently entertaining, and effortlessly charismatic actors. And here he is, fresh from a cancer scare, filming something as thoughtful and gritty as this.

The character he plays in this show (for now, at least, he will be referred to as Dan Chase) answers the question, “what would Jason Bourne be like if he were in his late 60s?” The answer is likely that he would be a severely psychologically damaged man who wants to live in peace with his (absolutely f****** amazing) dogs, who can get real violent at the drop of a dime whenever he has to. That’s what this show is, and somehow it is Jeff f****** Bridges who manages to be the perfect person to play this role.


OLD GUY ACTION- Let me be a little bit transparent here, I am very impartial to what I like to call all old guy action films. The kind of action films where you get seasoned legends that are 50 years old (at the very least) doing some action type s*** that younger dudes do. Typically, in a Liam Neeson or Denzel Washington action film, we are given multiple camera cuts at opportune times to make these old men seem faster and sharper than they are.

JOHN LITHGOW- I guess Lithgow has one of those faces that would automatically make you assume he is a villain. He’s also played enough memorable villains over the years to make you think that his character in the show is simply the evil foil to everything that’s going on. That is certainly not the case.

This show presents two men simply doing their jobs, jobs they are excellent at, and the collision course they are on. As of episode one, there seems to be a very Professor X/Magneto-ish kind of relationship between them. But I’m not sure who either character is supposed to be representing quite yet.


“That’s three. Any more you send at me, I’m sending back in bags. Anyone that you send at my kid….. I’m sending back in pieces.”

-Dan Chase-


THE FLASHBACKS- it’s not that these are poorly done, but they are stop gaps between the rather thrilling current-day storytelling. I’m pretty sure Chase’s connection with his wife will resonate much more as we go along, but it did interrupt the pacing in a very noticeable way. Usually, a show like this would have a flashback episode placed somewhere in the season to glue everything together. However, I think that this show will treat these flashbacks like sprinkles on a sundae from week to week. Not sure if that is the right move.


This may be one of the better pilot episodes I’ve seen in quite some time. However, I will admit that I’m somewhat biased toward a bunch of things that are going on here. Biased toward Jeff Bridges, who I’ve been a fan of since I was a very young boy. Biased toward John Lithgow, who may be on the Mount Rushmore of character actors by the time he retires (If he ever chooses to, that is). And I’m extraordinarily biased to old guy action of all kinds, both cheesy and introspective.

The old man is definitely leaning towards the latter, and I’m excited to see what this show will do next.

THE OLD MAN is streaming on Hulu now. New episodes premiere every Thursday on FX.

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