The show has a proclivity for really fantastic twists, and tonight’s was no exception. That said there was a lot about it that was quite confusing in this one, in that it almost felt like they skipped an episode.

Terms we haven’t heard before (one in particular) get thrown out there and it’s almost as if the show assumes the audience knows what they’re referring to when such things haven’t been explained or covered. I had to rewind a few times to see if I missed something, which isn’t something you should ask the audience to do.

However, there are some great ideas in the episode all the same—particularly some of the speeches regarding the nature of discrimination and the death penalty, and of course the series’ best twist to date In the final moment.

There‘s no doubt this is a very clever show. But we need answers now, more than cleverness, and I’m hoping next week’s Part One finale (this season is being released in 2 parts, cuz of COVID production delays) brings those answers.

The latest episode of THE NEVERS is now on HBO Max.

Mike Manalo

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