"Everyone is a feminist until there is a spider around."

BO BURNHAM: INSIDE was one of my top three films of 2021. It was the experimental pandemic film that audiences didn’t know they needed, yet defined what it felt like to live through COVID. And if you don’t know about it – “you’re an adult. Google it.”

While THE INSIDE OUTTAKES are not as good as the movie INSIDE itself, Bo Burnham (“Daddy”) has made us some more “content” that we should all “open wide” to enjoy. And it works because audiences get to see behind the artistic process.

THE INSIDE OUTTAKES have two great songs (FIVE YEARS and MICROWAVE POPCORN) stuffed between different versions of all the classics from the original film. What continues to make Bo Burnham so relevant is how he shines a spotlight on himself and content creators. He mocks his persona while at the same time providing human insights into who we are. For example, is the chicken song about him, a woman, or a chicken? Regardless, it’s profoundly moving.

Here’s to the ICU (INSIDE CINEMATIC UNIVERSE) continuing strong. I, for one, cannot wait for INSIDE THE MULTIVERSE and, of course, 40.

It’s available to stream on YouTube.

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