THE GREEN KNIGHT is a visual masterpiece.

With the opening shot, you feel as if you have fallen into the pages of a classic Arthurian storybook. Complete with meaningful color design, beautiful costumes, and a haunting soundtrack, THE GREEN KNIGHT takes the meaning of mood and tone to the next level.

David Lowery, once again, demonstrates his strength in world-building, and every shot feels carefully and flawlessly constructed.

Dev Patel (Gawain), Alicia Vikander (Essel), Sarita Choudhury (Mother), and Sean Harris (the King) each give distinctly powerful performances that add new dimensions to these century-old characters.

Thank you, A24, for delivering yet another visually stunning and immensely thought-provoking piece.

THE GREEN KNIGHT is out now in theaters.

Tavish Mohanti

Tavish Mohanti is a student at UCLA passionate about food, film, and journalism who hopes to one day write comedy like Taika Waititi. His mutts are the loves of my life.

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