This show keeps getting better each week. EP 4 was proof that Disney Plus’ Marvel can tackle relevant social issues, complex characters, and fantastic action sequences all within an hour of television. This series has more in common with Netflix’s DAREDEVIL or JESSICA JONES than it does with WANDAVISION.

The center of conflict in FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER could absolutely exist within our everyday current events. The antagonists surely do have a point, even if their tactics are too violent to admire. This show hasn’t shied away from taking on racism, nationalism vs. globalism, and the growing real-world movement to bring down harmful international corporations and the military-industrial complex.

We, as the audience, are asked to question whether the Avengers have really stood up for us regular citizens of the earth or are they merely pawns and collateral to maintain the status quo. The context calls back to CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR: Can our heroes truly live up to their potential if they’re intrinsically tied to answer to the government and/or military?

Disney made three fantastic casting decisions for this series that shouldn’t be undervalued. Daniel Brühl’s return as Zemo steals just about every scene he’s in. Social media is constantly abuzz about Wyatt Russell’s John Walker/Captain America. He embodies “the shield” not as Cap fans would expect him to, but perfectly as a soldier following orders who truly believes he’s in the right. Erin Kellyman (SOLO’S Enfys Nest) as Karli gives a moving performance as our complicated revolutionary adding that extra layer mentioned above: Are we rooting for the right side? I respect that this series allows casual viewers to enjoy the action, while still hitting several notes about social justice for those that want something deeper than the average MCU film has given.

THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER is streaming on Disney Plus.

Jami Losurdo

When not writing film and tv reviews, Jami is expanding her collection of colorful sunglasses, lifting weights, and working her day job as a Digital Advertising Director. An alumnus of NYU Tisch for Film/TV, Jami made Los Angeles her home in the early 2000s and continues her quest to find the very BEST tacos of all time.

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