THE BOYS creators let their freak flag fly even further with some of the most violent cartoons ever captured on TV. If you like HEAVY METAL, ANIMATRIX, and LOVE, DEATH, AND ROBOTS – you’ll more than likely enjoy this mixed bag of very violent shorts.

Here’s a list of each episode ranked:

  • E1 – Silent fun courtesy of writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Think John Hughes BABY’S DAY OUT, but with a slew of cuddly violence. 🤩
  • E2 Leave it to Justin Roiland to make THE BOYS world even grosser. I’d gladly watch a RICK AND MORTY spin-off based on the success of this one. 🤩
  • E3 THE BOYS graphic novel creator Garth Ennis returns for the darkest episode in the series. It may be dark AF, but it’s not quite as entertaining as the previous episodes. 😊
  • E4 Eliot Glazer (BROAD CITY) attempts to put the rom-com into THE BOYS, and it works for the most part. 😊
  • E5 A misguided “shitty” episode from writer/star, Awkwafina. 🤮 / 💩
  • E6 Creator Aisha Tyler tries her best to capture the effects of divorce, but by the end of this episode, all I really wanted was a “f*cking pony.” 🤮
  • E7 Andy Samberg attemts to get emotional in an episode that forgets the “good” in “grief.” 🤮
  • E8 The only episode to directly effect the series. It’s a great setup for Homelander being one of the “good supes.” 😊

The entire series is available on Amazon Video.

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