To win Big Brother, you not only have to be smart, but you also have to be cunning and most important of all, have a strategy, and real-life cop Derrick Levasseur, winner of Season 16 of this CBS reality series, displayed all those strengths by showing as little of them as possible. Brilliant!

Just one of a handful of BB contestants to NEVER be nominated for eviction, Derrick’s amiable nature and his ability to analyze but not antagonize allowed him to form alliances without raising suspicion. While so many BB winners throughout the seasons ‘played-to-the-camera’, Derrick followed the playbook of Detective Angela Lopez, played by Alyssa Diaz, on the riveting ABC cop show THE ROOKIE – avoid the flash and do your job well.

Speaking of alliances, Derrick, like any good cop, knows you cannot get much accomplished without collaboration, so his alliances were numerous – “Team America”, “The Rationale”, “The Bomb Squad” (how appropriate), and “Los Tres Amigos”. Add to that, his deal with Veronica Rafaeli and his “Hitmen” deal with finalist Cody Califiore and, well, there’s your strategy.

Many fans consider Will Kirby, the evil doctor, and winner in Season 2, the best of the best Big Brother winners, but how many times did he have to take his shirt off? – not that there’s anything wrong with it – Derrick did not need to resort to that.

Derrick’s brains always win over beefcake brawn. Book ‘em, Derrick.

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