With SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo demonstrates why she is shaping up to be THE artist of our generation. Her lyricism perfectly encapsulates Gen Z angst and emotional trauma. In her first song, brutal, she sings, “And I’m so sick of 17 / Where’s my fucking teenage dream? / If someone tells me one more time / “Enjoy your youth,” I’m gonna cry” and all I can say is… I felt that.

From head-bangers like “good 4 u” to heart-wrenching ballads like “hope ur okay”, the album is a rollercoaster ride in the best way possible. Rodrigo’s variable style and sound combine the best of Lorde, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and even a little Fiona Apple.

After the release of “drivers license”, “deja vu”, and “good 4 u” — each one better than the last — I’ll admit I was a little worried that these singles would be the peak and that the album would fall flat. Thank goodness, Rodrigo proved me wrong.

Buckle up because the depth and breadth of this album show that Rodrigo has so much more to explore, and this just at the beginning of an illustrious career.

SOUR is out now on all platforms.

Tavish Mohanti

Tavish Mohanti is a student at UCLA passionate about food, film, and journalism who hopes to one day write comedy like Taika Waititi. His mutts are the loves of my life.

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