Produced by one of the great movie producers, Frank Marshall, this documentary on the Brothers Gibb illuminates us on just how great these brothers were as musicians, songwriters, and performers. Right from the start, much like many other famous sibling music groups, their shared genetics allows for perfect harmonies. What is most fascinating about their story is how the now-famous falsetto that the group was so well known for on Saturday Night Fever, came about almost by accident. From their earliest memories as boys from England growing up in sunny Australia, they knew they wanted to be a pop group and immediately started to write and sing. Yet it wasn’t until they emigrated to Miami in the early 1970s, that they found their groove, their beat and the sound, that made them international superstars. But despite everything, their love for each other and their craft kept them going. Touching, thrilling, and frequently sad, especially when dealing with the tragic early death of their youngest brother, Andy, this documentary will remind you what true talents they were, and that disco rules.

Available on HBO, THE BEE GEES – HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART, is a fitting tribute to one of the most influential bands of our generation.

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