SURFACE is a series about the effects of an “accident” that caused total amnesia. What would you do if you had no memory of your former life? How would you cope, and who do you trust?

Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) doesn’t know who she used to be. She needs to solve the mystery of what happened in those moments leading up to a possible suicide attempt, an accident, or did someone just push her off the Golden State Bridge. It is an interesting premise and has glimmers of intrigue. This is due to the high quality of acting skills Gugu expresses. She is stunning, and it is a shame the script does not give her more to show us. The ensemble is strong as well. The pacing though, leaves much to be desired. It is a constant battle of slowing the action down way too often. 

Reese Witherspoon is one of the Producers of this series. I am unsure if that is enough to raise the quality to where it should be. The plot line could improve, but the writers would have to keep the viewers on their toes by developing more unexpected twists and turns. I will continue to watch for now. I need “to know.” It is truly impossible “to ignore our past or think it does not exist.”

SURFACE is available to stream on APPLE TV+.

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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