The limited edition SUPER MARIO 3D ALL-STARS is three different video games in one. SUPER MARIO 64 is an outdated relic with clunky controls that was better ported on the Nintendo 3DS. SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE takes everything that worked in 64, adds a tropical theme and throws in an experimental water jet-pack named F.L.U.D.D. If you are a gamer, you can see why this idea might get waterlogged. All water stages in gaming are tough, and SUNSHINE has some of the most difficult platforming out of any Mario game. But just like the misunderstood MAJORA’S MASK in the ZELDA series, I loved it.

Yet the game to fly over the moon for is SUPER MARIO GALAXY. It’s Mario at his best. With brilliant platforming, out of this world level design and tough additional gameplay after you beat it that will keep even the most experienced gamers up late trying to get one more power star.

If you haven’t played any of these Mario games, start with GALAXY, attempt to play SUNSHINE and I am sad to say, ignore 64 as it hasn’t aged well. If you have played all of these games, having GALAXY on the Switch is worth the price of admission… even if this collection is shockingly missing GALAXY 2.

It is available on Nintendo Switch until March 21st- when Nintendo will mysteriously stop selling it.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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