It isn’t easy to follow up on one of the greatest episodes in television history. SUCCESSION’S previous episode, CONNOR’S WEDDING, was a game changer. Expertly crafted and emotional but also tense and brilliantly written and acted. HONEYMOON STATES takes the next step and gives us a view of what the show looks like after such a significant alteration to the status quo. And the results are equally as gripping.

For those who haven’t seen the previous episode, we here at SFR try to do our best not to spoil anything. But it’s hard to talk about this week’s episode without referencing the a-bomb from last week’s. That said, we are presented with a situation where Ken, Shiv, and Roman are given some new information that may upset the relatively peaceful relationship with them since the Season 3 finale. And with everything that’s gone down between the previous episode and this one, we can only hope that, given how much the characters have evolved, things don’t mess up that progress.

While not as monumental as the previous episode, the writing in this one was still incredibly strong. These characters are starting to fight off the strong proclivities to revert to their former selves, but we are kept in suspense with the possibility they might as things between them start to crack. However, there’s still a ton of incredible laughs, courtesy of one character’s brutal takedown of another and some confusion involving a will. And the performances, as ever, are wonderful, with Kieran Culkin being this episode’s MVP amongst a standout of amazing performers.

It’s incredibly difficult admitting this year’s final season of SUCCESSION is shaping up to be arguably the best drama on television. Especially since this season of BETTER CALL SAUL was one of the most incredible displays of television arts ever put to the small screen. But here we are. The game changed last week, and it is still on!

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