My initial thought upon seeing the title of this episode was that maybe audiences would finally be treated to seeing Hank’s (Bob Odenkirk) dad in the show. And what I write next is tricky. If I say that Hank finally has a confrontation with his dad, I’m spoiling a huge reveal. Yet, I’m also spoiling the episode if I say he doesn’t.

So instead, I’ll talk about what doesn’t work. And that’s Hank heading to a regional conference with his peers. The entire trip Hank goes in is not worthy of using an Oreo to make a toast (that will make sense after you see the episode).

With that disappointment, the remaining five minutes of E6 is the best acting of the season. Hank’s decision to “tap back in” is inspiring. It’s not often we see a character dealing with mediocrity due to mental anguish from their childhood trauma. So, I’m back on board to see if Hank can either beat his depression or if he’ll sink further back into it.

LUCKY HANK is available on AMC.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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