Aaron and Jami review the 26th season of SOUTH PARK.

We liked the 26th season of SOUTH PARK on HBO MAX. The following is a breakdown of the episodes we reviewed this season.

S26E1 – CUPID YE 🤩

SOUTH PARK is back! And it’s finally moving away from Tegridy Farms. The boys return to take on “woke” culture, Kayne West, TikTok, and stereotypes. The results are funny, with on-point one-liners about wokeness ruining Marvel and AVATAR 2.

– Aaron


“I’ve stuck with watching the show through the last 26 years while becoming more conscious of my own and SOUTH PARK’S blindspots. I’ve also noticed how considerably kinder they’ve gotten as the show becomes a young adult. THE WORLDWIDE PRIVACY TOUR, however, is SOUTH PARK back to its meanness and a low point of recent years.

– Jami


Despite mixed feelings, I recommend audiences sit down, relax, and take the JAPANESE TOILETS for a “test drive.”

– Aaron


The following snippet was written by ChatGPT and edited by Grammarly. It’s based on this prompt: “Write a mixed review of SOUTH PARK DEEP LEARNING that doesn’t spoil it and uses clever puns.”

Despite its flaws, SOUTH PARK DEEP LEARNING is still worth a watch, especially for fans of the show. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, along with some fun insights into the world of AI. Just be prepared for a bumpy ride with some hit-and-miss jokes and a storyline that feels all over the place.”

– Aaron, ChatGPT, and Grammarly


DIKINBAUS HOT DOGS tries to tackle a few culturally relevant talking points: “Quiet quitting,” mental health days, and minimum wage. Where this episode works is the punny title and the fact that the characters get to say it several times throughout the 22-minute runtime. Sometimes we all need to laugh like 11-year-old kids.

– Jami


So, to answer the question if I want to “rally a little bit” and watch another season of SOUTH PARK – the answer is hell yes. Please keep the offensive comedy coming – I’ll try to find it wherever it’s airing.

We think SOUTH PARK season 26 is airing on Comedy Central, HBOMax, and Paramount+, but we know you should watch it.

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