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SOUTH PARK DEEP LEARNING is an interesting episode that will leave you both amused and perplexed. While it has moments of hilarity, there are also times when the jokes fall flat or feel a bit forced. It’s a bit of a “neural network” of emotions if you will.

On the positive side, the writers have researched the world of artificial intelligence. The way they incorporate deep learning into the storyline is both impressive and informative, and you might even learn something new about the field. In addition, there are some real “data-driven” gems hidden within the episode.

The characters, as always, are a delight, with all your favorite South Park residents appearing. However, the story sometimes feels a bit disjointed, and some humor feels too obvious. It’s almost as if the writers were trying too hard to be clever, resulting in a bit of a comedic overfitting.

Despite its flaws, SOUTH PARK DEEP LEARNING is still worth a watch, especially for fans of the show. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, along with some fun insights into the world of AI. Just be prepared for a bumpy ride with some hit-and-miss jokes and a storyline that feels all over the place. It’s not a perfect score, but it’s not a total “algorithmic” flop, either.

It’s available on HBO Max.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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