Stop blaming Canada and blame the real estate agents.

SOUTH PARK turned in a good, not great episode that I’m giving a thumbs up to simply because they spoofed the housing market. It was a nice break from Tegridy Farms and a welcome return seeing Cartman’s mom back in a prime role. Was it as hilarious as THE BIG FIX? No. But did they have something to say about how pointless a real estate agent’s job is? Heck yes. 

What was missing this week was literally all the kids from SOUTH PARK. Instead, the episode only focused on Cartman and his mom, making it feel long at times. 

The way I view it, CITY PEOPLE wasn’t as good as an overpriced cortado from the city, but I was able to wash it down with “bottled water.” 

The latest episode is available on Comedy Central, HBO Max, and Paramount+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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