"Let's Go Crazy."

SING 2 is precisely what audiences expect it to be. A toe-tapping mediocre good time. I’m not going to get into the predictable plot outside of stating that everyone sings, and they do it a LOT. It’s a blast seeing cartoon animals sing a laundry list of hit songs. What’s not so much a blast is there’s nothing original for them to sing in this by-the-numbers sequel.

The theme of SING 2 (and the original, for that matter) is “Do you think you’re good enough?” Every character has to prove that despite what shortcomings they feel, they are, in fact, good enough. The film’s action highlight centers around a Las Vegas-like “sky-fi”โ€ฆ I mean sci-fi show that has more energy than a “pig in mud.” Whereas the emotional core centers around a reclusive former singer, Clay Calloway (Bono). Both stories combine for a thrilling conclusion that’s more about the inventiveness of the action than having its intended emotional impact.

If you enjoyed SING, you will also sing the praise for this sequel. But next time, can we please get a MINIONS / SING mash-up?

SING 2 is available in theatres.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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