Here's to "forgetting ice cream."

Come packing your “Gamepod XL from your Space Mom” and “play” one of the funniest episodes of RICK AND MORTY in the last few years. Beth(s) (Sarah Chalke) takes center stage this week as her character, for lack of a better description, falls in love with herself.

My favorite quotes from BETHIC TWINSTINCT

  • “Life is a subscription, and Thanksgiving is your family’s yearly charge.”
  • “You did a full SAN JUNIPERO in here?!?” 
  • “You guys are having me “ETERNAL SUNSHINE” all the “MULTIPLICITY” porn scenes from your minds?”
  • “It’s not “HANDMAID’S TALE” to loop in your husband.” 

I’d go into much more detail on why this episode is what makes RICK AND MORTY fantastic, but that would spoil it. So I’ll “end the toast” and let audiences get lost in the “forest,” figuring out why Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland still got it!

It’s available on Adult Swim.

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