Night 12 of 13 Nights of Halloween

Do you like scary movies?

It’s time to “be afraid, be very afraid,” as SpoilerFreeReviews is dropping 13 spooky movies for fans to enjoy this PSL season. We will post our most frightful Halloween favorites over the next 13 spooky nights. So join us around the fire as we tell our 13 creepy Halloween favorites.

PROM NIGHT is the epitome of a cheesy 70s slasher. Its mystery is lukewarm, the ending hardly satisfying, and the supporting characters impossible to root for. 

The final reveal was easily predictable, perhaps because of poor writing or perhaps because it’s a trope that has been redone ad nauseam since its release in 1980. 

With that said, this film is still an experience now, especially during this spooky season, because of the scream queen herself – Jamie Lee Curtis; it’s because of movies like these that she has rightfully earned that title. 

In PROM NIGHT, she salvages a poorly written screenplay with non-existent stakes and transforms it, with her charm and wit, into a cult classic. 

If Curtis herself is not reason enough to watch,  the three-minute disco dance sequence at the end of the film should be. As her peers are violently slaughtered by a masked killer, Curtis dips, snaps, and shakes in a marvelous musical arrangement that has become one of my favorite scenes of any horror movie ever.

It’s available on the Roku Channel.

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