“I decided a while ago to stop trying to make sense of things altogether because the only way to really live in this is to embrace the fact that nothing matters,โ€ says Nyles.

โ€œThen whatโ€™s the point of living?โ€ Sarah asks

Nyles replies, โ€œWell, we donโ€™t have a choice but to live, so I think your best bet is just to learn how to suffer existence.โ€ What could easily be a quote about 2020 is actually from the best romantic comedy of the year – PALM SPRINGS.

I am giddy to have spoiler filled conversations about this fun and insightful movie, but will refrain. Iโ€™ll simply state – Cristin Millioti is easily the GOAT of PALM SPRINGS as she teaches Andy Sambergโ€™s character that there is โ€œnothing worse than going through this shit alone.โ€

It is currently available to stream on Hulu

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