NOBODY takes a bit of time to get its engines running, but once they do, it’s just a ton of fun. Most of that is attributed to how the amazing chameleon that is Bob Odenkirk carries this film and the action so believably, along with a great ensemble consisting of RZA and Christopher Lloyd.

While it’s not quite as innovative as the JOHN WICK series in terms of how it executes its action sequences, it’s definitely very acceptable and just as brutal for a good time. The final action scene alone is worth the rental price tag! Though I do wish a lot of the other action scenes were just as long, particularly one really awesome car chase scene.

With BETTER CALL SAUL nearing its finale this coming season, NOBODY will surely make the case for Bob Odenkirk to once more reinvent his career as a hardcore action star this time. And I tell ya, if they plan on making another one, this nobody will be on board for NOBODY II.

NOBODY is now available to rent on several different platforms.

Mike Manalo

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