A self-contained bottle episode that feels like COMMUNITY brings MYTHIC QUEST back on track this week. Each character comes full circle as the standard trope of people stuck in one location forces them to tell their darkest secrets and finally move the plot forward.

The plot revolves around the HR lead, Carol having each character sign a test that shows what animal the staff is. The staff members that refuse to sign become stuck at work in this bottle episode.

Regardless of the big reveals and simple plot, this episode was hilarious. Watching David be a butterfly in wolf’s clothing and Ian fight Poppy over being a lion is the comedic push the series needed. There’s a couple of big reveals this week, but none are as devastating as the final few minutes. We are now at the breaking point with Poppy and Ian being too close-minded to admit they need each other. Where that goes as we enter the final four episodes is any viewers’ guess. But damn, it makes for entertaining “Must See TV.”

It’s available on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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