I have “surrendered control” and officially love Marvel’s latest, MOON KNIGHT. Last week’s episode felt like Act I to a movie, where SUMMON THE SUIT is the natural progression into Act II. But, what does that mean for the viewer? The hero, Steven and/or Marc (Oscar Isaac), has more info that allows for character development and “fun and games.” And yes, the “fun and games” section of MOON KNIGHT is some of the best yet in a Marvel TV series.

But where the second episode accelerates most is diving into each of our “protagonist’s” personas. I put the protagonist in quotes since we still do not know who the good guy is. Yet, this is not a slow-burn character study. Instead, it’s “steak” eating “bonkers.”

Marc/Mr. Knight/Moon Knight/Steven still needs to figure out who the real man in the mirror is. I’m sure this will keep audiences guessing throughout the six-episode first season. I’m along for the ride with two successful episodes that capture style, empathy, and plot. However, just like Steven, “I draw the line at child murder.”

P.S. Oscar Isaac should win all the awards.

It’s available on Disney+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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