It seemed inevitable that we would eventually get this show. There has been every other type of show on dating and matchmaking, so why not Jewish? And this show, of course, comes from the creators of Indian Matchmaking.

Starring Aleeza Ben Shalom as our traditional Jewish matchmaker, we follow her from LA to Miami to Israel as she works magic, bringing Jewish singles together to find happiness. Aleeza is, as you would expect, very personable and know her job inside and out. And it’s wonderful to watch her in action.

All of the ‘contestants’ on this show are selected right out of ‘central casting.’ The sweet, likable guy, the no-so-sweet unlikeable guy, the ‘non-traditional-age’ single religious woman, etc. The real issue here is the same one I have with Indian Matchmaking. The dates are so painfully boring to watch. Think about how awkward first dates are, and now think about having a first date with cameras shoved into your face.

Some dating scenarios get slightly more interesting as the season progresses. Still, I became very aware that everyone on the show was very aware of how they were acting on their dates โ€“ so much so that they acted differently when not on their dates. Sounds like reality to me.

Stream it now on Netflix.

David Freedman - Just Seen It

David Freedman is the producer of all four Critics Choice Awards, a founding member of Moviefone, and a Platform and Springboard Diver

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