Outside of a surprising cameo with Justin Roiland doing his best imitation as Rick from RICK and MORTY, this week’s INVINCIBLE looked “kinda dead” on arrival. The show goes into side quest mode as the main storyline with Omniman takes a backseat. The plot instead revolves around Mark’s best friend, William taking the gang to the school his boyfriend attends. Cue the frat parties and dorm room life. 🤮

This was my least favorite INVINCIBLE to date. Just when the story hit its high point, we get a weak edition that wasn’t needed. My fear with this series is that creator, Robert Kirkman treats it the same as he did THE WALKING DEAD, which was notorious for brilliant moments coupled with boring drivel.

🤞 this was just a misstep and we are back to Omniman and Invincible excitement next week.

It’s available on Amazon Prime Video.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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