I usually don’t binge-watch but Halston tried to pick me up as a teenager at Studio 54 back in 1832 so, as they say in movie trailers, “This time it’s personal”. Because most of us old enough to remember the ‘Halston’ era don’t really remember much of his public persona, Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of the famously gay fashion designer is a clean slate. From the start, with Halston’s rocketing to fame as the designer of Jackie Kennedy’s famous pillbox hat she wore at the inauguration, to Halston’s cocaine-fueled celebrity party nights at Studio 54, Halston created himself as a brand, long before it was fashionable. Because there are only five episodes, the story feels a little rushed, skimming over his success in the 1960s and moving right into the madness of the 1970s and redemption in the 1980s. Producer Ryan Murphy is fascinated with gay icons like Halston (and Gianni Versace). Ewan, a gifted and talented actor, collaborates with Ryan on giving us an unflinching look at the man and his brand.

Now screening on Netflix, HALSTON – THE LIMITED SERIES, offers an honest, but brief glimpse into this fashion designer icon.

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