Whoa! Talk about an opening to an episode. The Russian “shot from the sky” had me expecting a non-stop espionage thrill ride. Instead, I was left with more filler in the form of Aaron Sorkin’s “walk and talk” political garbage.

It’s a downright shame because we finally get an episode away from the Baldwin’s family trauma with a deserved focus on Ellen Wilson’s rise to power. The main theme, “We all play different roles with different people,” is seen across each of the leads in DON’T BE CRUEL. Every character is hiding a version of themselves from the world. The cruel joke is on the creators not knowing what to do with these secret identities to make for a compelling drama.

Episode 7 has a great intro and conclusion that sets up some exciting things to come, but it’s still not enough to board this space shuttle. 🤞 this FOR ALL MANKIND figures out where it’s going. I am running out of oxygen waiting for something…scratch that anything to happen that will keep me coming back.

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