The (ironically) cool FIRE OF LOVE documents the volcanologist couple Katia and Maurice Krafft’s intertwined romantic and professional lives using their own archival footage. The French couple, who dedicated their lives to the field of volcanology, is a pleasure to watch on-screen. Katia and Maurice fall into the category of people whose passions are contagious; you feel as though you’d be able to talk to them for hours and hours on end.

Ultimately though, the National Geographic documentary’s strengths and also its weaknesses. Piecing together a story about someone’s life using their footage would already be a challenge and an impressive undertaking, but putting together a love story based on someone’s scientific footage is a mountainous project. FIRE OF LOVE has its erupting moments, but at times, the romance aspect of this documentary is oversold – but you still have an incredible film about two passionate scientists and incredible footage of volcanoes.

FIRE OF LOVE is streaming on Disney+.

Tarush Mohanti

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