EMILY IN PARIS is beautiful visually. It was created, by Darren Star, for anyone who dreams of living in Paris, wearing extravagant, expensive clothes, and for those who “love to lunch.”

Emily (Lily Collins) is a marketing genius who wears a different “designer” outfit daily. The bold colors, stripes, and plaids mixed with polka dots or geometric shapes are so “out there.” Throw in some purple, pink, or green feathers, sequins, and “wings,” and she is ready to post on Instagram for all her followers. Did I mention the crazy boots and mini purses? Emily is a “walking” fashion icon. But that’s not all. The entire ensemble dresses “beyond anything considered normal work attire. Ashley (Mindy Chen) is now wearing “over the top” dominatrix, skimpy clothes as well. I can’t complain about Ashley because she has a fantastic voice and performs throughout this season. 

The location shots and cinematography are breathtaking. I feel like I have been to all the best places in Paris and the surrounding countryside. Stunning. The lavender fields, the estates, the chateaus, and, of course, fast cars do not disappoint. And then, there are all the dozens of tantalizing, delicious meals everyone consumes, along with the perfect bottle of wine. I think I gained five pounds just by eating vicariously through the cast. And how do the many coupling and uncoupling actors maintain their perfect body shapes for all those sexy scenes? (Hot, hunky bodies every episode.)

EMILY IN PARIS is not deep. It is basically about friendships, affairs, and finding the love of your life, all while “working” in Paris. Arriving in a helicopter or enjoying a hot air balloon ride is all part of your typical workday. The show personifies “life in the fast lane,” including every dream and indulgence. 

My problem with EMILY IN PARIS is the writing. The show is simply a soap with a bigger budget. How much sugary “cuteness” can viewers take? Is Emily asking too much of us and beginning to fade? For me, it was tough getting through ten episodes. I knew what to expect from each character. I like being surprised. There was a big cliffhanger at the end, but I can wait to see the next season. There really is no rush. 

EMILY IN PARIS is available to stream on NETFLIX.  

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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