Day 2 of Spoiler Free Review’s 12 days of Christmas

The movie that changed the movie business. For the first thirty-two years after this movie came out, every film pitch in Hollywood started with, “It’s DIE HARD at a clown school!” – or something like that.

This movie gave us our first super hero who was just a regular, average John. Bruce Willis plays NY detective John McClane, who arrives on Christmas Eve to reconcile with his estranged wife Holly. He joins her for her company’s holiday party and then terrorists attack but when John escapes the party and deep into the bowels of the huge office building, he becomes more than just a fly in the ointment. I cannot discuss this movie without bowing down to Alan Rickman for his defining performance as the lead bad guy, Hans Gruber.

While viscerally violent – not something you expect from a Holiday movie – the acting and story are so tight and constant dueling between John and Hans keeps you glued to the screen. I remember seeing someone wearing a t-shirt with a big old fashion picture of Santa on it, in the middle of the summer when this movie was released, with John’s catchphrase on it, and thought, “Merry Christmas and Yippee Ki Yay M***** F*****” indeed.

DIE HARD (1988) is the benchmark of action movies AND Christmas movies! Peace on Earth.

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