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On the thirtieth anniversary of its release, let’s take a look back at the Christmas movie that cost around eighteen million dollars to make and made around half a billion dollars. And people ask me why it’s my favorite holiday movie…

Sure, it’s easy to overanalyze the severe, if slapstick violence and the entire premise requires a huge suspension of disbelief, but we have all seen HOME ALONE, and dammit, we laughed a lot and even cried a little (at least, for “The Shoveler”).

Written and produced by John Hughes, little Macaulay Culkin as Kevin, accidentally left home alone for the holidays by his family, must defend himself and his home from two bungling yet persistent burglars. With a great cast, multiple ridiculous premises and, like most of John Hughes’s movies, a sweet center, there is lots of holiday cheer to go around. Interesting enough, the movie was just as hugely popular with adults as it was with kids (though many parents refused to let their kids see the movie because of the violence), and the movie poster of Kevin slapping his cheeks in horror will always be burned into our psyche.

HOME ALONE, even with its ridiculous premise, still provides fun Holiday entertainment.

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