DEAD TO ME S3 Review 🤩

Here's Esta's and Aaron's take on S3 of DEAD TO ME.

AARON: Well, that’s not what I expected. Good lord, this past season of DEAD TO ME stuck the landing. By far the best season of this overlooked Netflix show. Christina Applegate may not have won the Emmy last season. However, S3 will be hers to lose come award season.

ESTA: Agreed. This was the best season yet. The reason is the latest season was the most emotional. It tugged on your heartstrings and allowed audiences to see the completion of both women’s arcs of maturity.

AARON: Once a character received a diagnosis, I thought this show would teeter even more into soap opera territory. And while it did, that soap opera was so well-written that it was gratifying. I loved the intensity and how each episode ended on a cliffhanger.

ESTA: How about that finale cliffhanger? Everything felt wrapped up with a bow, and at the last second, bam! It was creative and fulfilling all at once.

AARON: Can we go back to Christina Applegate? Holy sh*t, what a performance!

ESTA: Knowing what viewers know about Applegate’s journey with her MS health issues and weight gain brought urgency into every scene. Christina was a b*tch in season one, and to see her care so much for another human being in a non-sexual way was so rewarding. Her looks, pauses, and breaths as she moved through her family and friends dilemmas were stunning. She empowered women. Any show that can do that has my loyalty.

AARON: I love that you bring up women’s empowerment and her character arc. She has come a long way from her role as Kelly Bundy in MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. I hope audiences remember her more for DEAD TO ME than for any other role in her career. For me, there is a moment where she gives Judy (Linda Cardellini) a hug that had me reaching for the kleenex crying. Her b*tch character that you mentioned in season one has evaporated into a loving, caring, and powerful woman, and that hug encompasses it all. 😢

ESTA: This season was a sob fest. It is not easy, but DEAD TO ME demonstrated the depth of emotions all women are capable of if they let themselves go. On a personal note, acknowledging and accepting the fate of things that are out of your hands to control was pure genius to witness. When Jen said over and over “NO” to not allowing Judy her choice, I was on the floor as well. I have been there with people I love, and letting go is not easy. It is a searing pain, and I felt that in real life and as I watched in horror. The director, writers, and actresses got it right.

AARON: You’re making me teary-eyed just seeing you write about it. It’s incredible how a soap opera murder show became a deep series about loss that moved us. It reminded me of similar themes from SIX FEET UNDER. Death is hard. Having something profound to say about dying is even harder.

ESTA: SIX FEET UNDER, but also, the series felt like BEACHES, THELMA AND LOUISE, and even some of the final season of FRANKIE AND GRACE. It was pure friendship in all its glory.

AARON: Any final thoughts?

ESTA: I am proud of everyone involved in season 3 of DEAD TO ME. They had to deal with the pandemic and personal issues to get to the conclusion of a well-conceived and creative show. Season 3 is must-see TV.

AARON: I couldn’t have said it better.

DEAD TO ME S1-S3 is available on Netflix.

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