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Dave’s got a new lease on life, a new house, and a new house guest. But his friends have other plans.


Andrew santino

For a while there, I was pretty concerned that Mike would not get a chance to do anything this season other than be mad at Dave for half a scene weekly.

As it turns out, Mike has been the MVP of both this week’s AND last week’s episode. It seems Mike has fulfilled his promise to get Dave on the highest pedestal possible, and now he’s… jumping at his opportunities, let’s just say. He’s getting more interesting as the weeks go along.


Dave’s full come up

It is abundantly clear that a reasonable amount of time has passed between the last episode and this one. Dave is making the talk show rounds, and he has a lot more money than he did before, given that he owns a house in the hills. It is understated in this episode that Dave has reached the point of success that he’s always dreamed of.

In this show’s nature, Dave will find a way to mess it all up. For now, his success is very satisfying to witness after watching these last couple of seasons.


*I’m kind of peeping all the fallacy. Empowered by the people doubting me…
*I had to eat it like a ton of calories…
*…and the analogy is that I’m blowing up and I got to carry this weight.

From the opening song.

Perhaps a little bit of foreshadowing. Lil Dicky is such a wonderful lyricist.



The problem with this episode isn’t the performances of Lil Dicky or Chloe Bennett. They are fantastic. The love story between them remains very sweet. The big problem of this episode is that everything we see between them is stuff we already know. They’re just….. hanging out in this episode.

We know that they like each other, we know that Robyn isn’t going to overreact to Dave faking his death because we heard how devastated she was last week when she thought he died, and she’s still here to hang out with him in THIS episode. We know that Dave has been desperate for a companion like her, and we know they vibe well together. On top of all that, we get a large section of the episode where it’s just her…hanging out by herself.

Nothing is really all that funny. Nothing is tense. Nothing pushes anything forward between what these two will face in the future.


I understand that not every episode can’t be as comedically chaotic as last week’s. I know that Dave’s search for love is the main theme of this season. However, this episode is, for my money, the most uneventful and, dare I say, dull episode of this entire show. Though all the technical aspects of what makes television shows good are on point, this is an episode that you can skip entirely and come back to next week.

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