THE MUPPETS MAYHEM is a complete gem! Funny as hell, smart, charming, heartfelt, and with a good soundtrack, the latest Muppet Disney+ project proves it’s still the most underrated hidden weapon in the Mouse’s franchise arsenal!

It’s true. There’s no world where The Muppets will ever make more money than a STAR WARS or Marvel Studios movie. But between the James Bobbin movies, MUPPETS HAUNTED MANSION, and now MUPPETS MAYHEM, its consistent quality in delivering fun, sweet, simple stories with terrific characters is undeniable.

This time around, the spin-off focuses on house band The Electric Mayhem: Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Janice, Lips, Zoot, and Animal. And while one would think the franchise would suffer without Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo, think again! The show makes the band members funny as hell but also distinct and well-developed, providing some heartwarming backstories to characters initially meant to be in the background.

The events of the series are seen through 4 human characters played by Lily Singh, Taj Mowrey, Anders Hill, and Saara Chaudry. Singh plays Nora, a suffering record label assistant trying to make the band record an album. And while the Mayhem are the biggest draw, the humans aren’t annoying, coming off as sympathetic, even if we still want the felt puppets dominating the screen.

I found myself laughing pretty hard and consistently throughout the show, and I am impressed that they even got away with a drug trip episode by turning any contraband into “expired marshmallows.” I salute the man who was able to get that approved by Disney. But I also found myself pretty charmed by the show’s sincerity. And amazed they managed an impressive catalog of A-list actor cameos. I also rocked out to their well-composed covers of some terrific songs.

In a year where TED LASSO’s third season just hasn’t quite done it for me, I’m surprised and pleased to say that THE MUPPETS MAYHEM scratched the funny-but-uplifting and charming itch the former has failed to do in recent episodes. It’s most definitely worth your time if you’re feeling the same withdrawals for a good story with charming characters and lots of laugh-out-loud moments! Let the Mayhem begin!

All episodes of THE MUPPETS MAYHEM Season 1 are now available on Disney+!

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