For the season finale, the creators of DAVE enlist director, Alma Har’el (HONEY BOY), making sure that Dave doesn’t just rap, but he also gets the emotional conclusion audiences have been waiting on.

It’s all been building up to this. Will Dave continue to be a narcissist and lose his friends in the process, or can he be a good human being? The results echo the first season, where the story arc isn’t just about Dave versus his ego, but also about Dave and his friendship with GaTa.

This episode feels more significant. Alma Har’el can channel over-the-top Kanye West rap video style for Lil Dicky’s persona and bring a raw intensity to the heart racing moments between GaTa and Dave. And that crescendo between the two leads is 100% earned. For a show that’s so obsessed with Dave’s outward appearance, it’s at its best when it goes inward.

I could explain why this season finale is some of the best TV of 2021, but that spoils the emotional season-long journey. So instead, audiences should trust that journey of friendship in season two of DAVE on FX, and if all else fails, at least it’s popular in “Delaware.”

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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