It’s not often I find shows that move me emotionally. But, CYBERPUNK EDGERUNNERS brings me back to that emotional rollercoaster that CYBERPUNK 2077 took me on.

It’s an absolute must-watch if you are a fan of the video game (if you could get over how glitchy it was). The anime merged the Corpo, Nomad, and Street Kid story paths cohesively, making it an absolute pleasure to watch all ten episodes.

You follow the man character David Matinez (I almost want to call him “other V”), a Street Kid, on his adventures in Night City and the amazing characters he interacts with. It felt like you were watching the quests they sent you on while playing the video game, except you could sit back and relax and not worry about your character’s health bar.

I was beyond thrilled that Night City was perfectly portrayed! They included all the sounds, city background scenes, phone call popups, NCPD heavy responsiveness to crime, cyberpsychos, and music you were familiar with in the video game.

The only thing I did not enjoy was the excessive amount of animated, gratuitous gore. It was too detailed, making you think that the animation studio had to look at some very gratuitous gore images to get it right.

You can watch CYBERPUNK EDGERUNNRS on Netflix right now and enjoy the masterpiece of an anime series from CD PROJEKT RED and TRIGGER.

Vanessa Szajnberg

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