"Everyone is disappointed with me at some point."

As Leon’s (J.B. Smooth) 7-11 beverage continues to get bigger each week, so does his hilarious role. WHAT HAVE I DONE? is the most screen time that Leon has received this season, and it quickly becomes observational comedy gold.

House Husbands is a business idea that Leon has where he goes over to rich people’s homes and protects them from getting screwed via contractors. Better captured in this meta quote, “Someone that knows a little bit about everything, but a lot about nothing.”

This new business idea allows Larry David and Leon to start a new business. But really, House Husbands allows the two leads to talk about racial profiling. That’s what makes Leon so good. He’s able to call Larry on his crap when he’s a racist, and their exchanges about “racism versus audacity” are all the more realistic and amusing for it.

If that wasn’t enough this week, Larry continues to pursue Irma (Tracey Ullman), and the results are so uncomfortable audiences will have to “untuck their sweater.”

CURB works best when it neatly ties the weekly loose ends together with a big comedy moment. And like the sweet smell of lilac, this week’s conclusion’s punchline is flawless. Aka, “ba dum bum.”

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Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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