"I hate people individually, but I love mankind."

This week’s biggest highlight was seeing Richard Lewis return after missing most of the season due to surgery. It’s a welcome rebound and brings on an entirely new meaning as we watch Larry David jokingly shout at him, “why don’t you just die?”

Despite focusing on YOUNG LARRY, the show within the show, excessive attention gets placed on a “repugnant” character. The usually funny Tracey Ullman takes on that role as Irma. She’s a Santa Monica councilperson so awful that it’s like, “Dr. Frankenstein took the worst qualities of multiple people and put them into one person. It’s reasonable that CURB is mixing it up after eleven seasons by giving Larry his greatest adversary. However, the interplay between the two actors is not that funny.

Despite that hiccup, there are a lot of quotable lines this week, especially the new rule, “You can’t say happy new year after January 7th.”

I’m not going to “succumb to pin pressure” and give IRMA KOSTROSKI a 🤩. It’s another “pretty good” episode that you don’t need to line up with “widow priority” to view. However, any episode of CURB is worth watching Larry as he continues to be “drawn to which repeals him.”

The latest CURB episode is available on HBO Max.

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