"I'm not an everyman. I'm a singular man."

And the main plot is back! After last week’s side not-so-funny Japanese restaurant, Larry David returns to season eleven’s main story – “Young Larry.”

This welcome return makes for a hilarious episode filled with two guest stars that could’ve used more screen time. Both Seth Rogen and Josh Gad are equally funny. Gad with his lack of underwear awareness and Rogen for calling out Larry for being “a nice person appearing to be an asshole, so no one likes him.”

Look, at this point, if you’re not a CURB fan, you will never be one. I could spread the gospel like a “Jew for Jesus,” but I don’t want to build a new “reminder/remindee” relationship if you’re not already watching the most consistently funny show on TV.

I encourage everyone that was a SEINFELD fan to watch this show. However, please do not take my last Pierre water. “That’s an act of war.”

It’s available on HBO Max.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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