"What goes around comes around."

Even though Larry David is a great person to break up with, I don’t plan to end my relationship with CURB. IRASSHAIMASE! is easily the weakest episode of the season. It’s more “pretty good” than “pretty, pretty good.”

The episode strangely avoids the main plot regarding Larry’s new TV show, YOUNG LARRY, and replaces it with a simple date premise. That date is Gabby McAfee, played by the always hilarious Julie Bowen. Both her and Larry have fantastic chemistry, so it’s a shame it’s underutilized.

I was also disappointed that all the comedy sections didn’t hit it out of the park, like last week’s THE WATERMELON. The Japanese restaurant bits outside of Larry versus Julie took up most of the episode and weren’t funny. Even worse was the dress bit with Susie (Susie Essman).

This episode’s not as bad as a band-aid that cuts, but it’s not as good as a soap product that doesn’t stain. IRASSHAIMASE! is not my favorite shirt of the season. But it’s also not dumb enough to be stuck in traffic.

The latest episode is available on HBO MAX.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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