A Broadway review by Esta (mother) and Aaron (son) that we don't "think you're ready for."

“Don’t be afraid that it won’t be perfect. The only thing to be afraid of is that it won’t be.”

Overall Score + emoji

ESTA: A / 🤩

COMPANY surprised me. The new revived cast seemed even more current and modern. It was a fast-paced, brilliantly directed, and blocked show. Those huge set pieces moved with ease and precision so each cast member could hit their mark. Singing and constantly moving in that teeny-tiny apt was perfection. Each pose was created with intention, emotion, and unity. The show made me laugh and cry. It was thoughtful and a joy to watch and ponder where I am in my own life’s journey. 

AARON: A / 🤩

Damn, I couldn’t say it better myself. This show moved me to tears and made me think a lot about another artist that feared getting old, Jonathan Larson. As the protagonist in COMPANY, Bobby was about to turn 35, and I couldn’t get 30/90 out of my head. Those colossal set pieces that you mention above also reminded me of the constant movement of life. There was a feeling of happy/sad throughout the entire production, and I loved it. Don’t be one of those “100 people that get off the train” and skip COMPANY. It’s one of my favorite experiences on my NY trip with my mom. 

Favorite Songs and why?

ESTA: I have to mention two songs. First and foremost was BEING ALIVE, sung by Bobbi (Katrina Lenk). The lyrics have always been one of my favorites. It hits home for most people, wherever and whoever they are. Katrina’s rendition was a soul-searching moment. She sang on the cusp of heart-breaking tears but never lost control. She was in command of every phrase and note. When she was on the floor, I wanted to run to her, lift her up, and hold her in my arms. This is how much the song moved me to my core.

The second song was THE LADIES WHO LUNCH, sung by Joanne (Patti Lupone). Watching a Broadway legend sing such an iconic song was something I will remember forever. She is the star who can make any lyric believable and unforgettable.

AARON: One of two we agree on here. My first favorite song is the same as yours – BEING ALIVE. I forgot how much Sondheim’s lyrics in this song could move me. The music is the very essence that “life is COMPANY.” And Katrina Lenk slays it. She got a well-deserved standing ovation. Also, I was moved to my core in a way that I haven’t felt on Broadway since seeing Ben Platt in DEAR EVAN HANSON sing “WORDS FAIL.” 

The second is “GETTING MARRIED TODAY.” The choragraphy, lyrics, and set movement reminded me of HAMILTON. Also, try not to cry at the song’s closing when a character states, “I just don’t love you enough, Paul.” In other words, it’s a crowning moment in the show. 

The curtain call for COMPANY


ESTA:  It has to be the lead, Bobbi (Katrina Lenk). She made the show what it was. She was not the only powerhouse on that stage, yet her presence and voice always stood out. She grabbed your attention with just a raise of a shoulder, a quiet sigh, or even taking that extra beat of silence. She had the audience in the palm of her hand, which is just pure creative talent. 

AARON: 💯 – Katrina Lenk will receive a Tony Award nomination. Agree with everything you said about her. She’s a star. 

Stephen Sondheim!

AARON: I can’t believe it has already been four months since the world lost a legend. What strikes me the most about his work is the relatability to what it means to live. It makes me think of the HAMILTON quote “What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” For Sondheim, I’m happy he got to see most of his garden grow and saddened he won’t see future brilliant adaptations of his art.

ESTA: What a loss to the theatre world that he no longer walks among us, but his list of contributions to Broadway and theatre will live on forever. He was a genius giant who quietly lived among us. And went about creating some of the best plays and musicals ever written. His words pushed actors relentlessly. In theatre, it is said that if you can do a Sondheim play, you have made it. He expected, demanded, and received an actor’s best. Most say it was a pure joy working with him. His intentions were always spot-on. He left a huge hole to be filled, yet we can still capture his essence by performing or seeing one of his many masterpieces. 

Final Thoughts:

ESTA: COMPANY surprised me. It was better beyond my expectations. I knew this show, but after seeing it in this new setting and recasting, I now know I truly “see” the play for what it was meant to be. It made me think, laugh, shed a tear, and smile at my very small world. This is what theatre is supposed to do…absolutely brilliant.

AARON: Every trip I take to New York, there’s always one surprise play that sweeps me off my feet. On our previous trip, it was COME FROM AWAY. Yet what astonished me the most about COMPANY is that my mom and I weren’t even going to see it! The universe intervened, and we met a lovely theatre-loving couple at our favorite bar, Don’t Tell Mommas. We wanted to see MJ, but they convinced us that we had to see COMPANY no matter what. At TKTS, we were last in line, and I thought we weren’t going to get seats. Yet, an employee saw my mom’s cane (she’s visually impaired), and they took us to the front. Cue us getting row four seats and seeing another edition of “life-changing theatre.” Thank you to the universe for getting us into the show. And thank you to my mom for teaching me to love the arts. 🎭 ❤️

A Broadway review by Esta and Aaron, Mother and son that we don't "think you're ready for."
Mom and son all smiles at the show.

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