As a huge fan of Coming to America (1988), I can confidently say that the movie, which I think still holds up after all these years, rises and falls on the chemistry and energy of its dynamic duo, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.

Unfortunately you barely get any of those things in this disappointing and underwhelming sequel.

Is it a complete trainwreck? No. Definitely nothing close to the lows of Anchorman 2 or Zoolander 2. I will admit I laughed hard in 2 scenes, and politely chuckled through most of it. And overall it was good to catch up with characters I like 33 years later. That, and only that, is the reason I can’t give it a full “Experience Never”.

That said, I can honestly say I had no interest at all in seeing a sequel to, perhaps, Eddie Murphy’s funniest comedy, only to have it focus is on Jermaine Fowler, who’s honestly doing his best 2021 Fresh Prince impersonation–only without the laughs. That’s what 65% of this movie is.

If Prince Akeem is truly looking for a worthy successor, it sure as hell ain’t COMING 2 AMERICA.

Catch the mediocrity on Amazon Prime if you’re bored and need something to do. (Or just watch the original if you actually wanna, you know, laugh).

Mike Manalo

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