Like the best documentaries, BOYS STATE illuminates us. Personally, I did not know that each year, the American Legion sends thousands of high school boys and girls in each state to a week-long convention where two fictional parties, The Nationalists and The Federalists, are created, along with platforms and candidates for Governor, along with other elected positions including party Chairman. This Doc follows the Boys State convention in Texas where 1100 boys, carefully selected from all parts of Texas, convene on Austin to mimic, sometimes a little too closely, what adult politicians do.

I was surprised by how intelligent and well-spoken these young men are and even more so, how important politics is to each of them. It’s all here – glad-handing, deal-making and even back-stabbing.

God Bless America! Exactly predictable and full of surprises, BOYS STATE reminds us what it really means to be a politician.

Available now on Apple TV+.

For more on BOYS STATE, check out our review from last year.

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