David Freedman – Just Seen It
Jan 19

John Belushi was a force of nature, and much like Lenny Bruce, fearless both in his comedic performances and in his life. The driving spine of this documentary is the many touching letters that Belushi sent to his beloved wife, Judy.

Like most great artists, Belushi was, deep down, needy and shy, and his emotions are clearly on display here. Judy, and all of his closest friends and compatriots from Saturday Night Live, including SNL creator Lorne Michaels and closest buddy Dan Aykroyd, frankly discuss John’s talent along with his weaknesses, and the real character arc of him dealing with the huge fame and the almost inevitable downward spiral into drugs and his eventual death from an overdose (I am assuming this is NOT a spoiler alert).

BELUSHI is an intimate, loving and unflinching tribute to a truly American comic legend.

It is available on Showtime.

David Freedman - Just Seen It

David Freedman is the producer of all four Critics Choice Awards, a founding member of Moviefone, and a Platform and Springboard Diver

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