LUPIN CHAPTER 1 in English 🤮

This French-language action thriller series on Netflix was a huge hit before being released in the US. So, I was eager to watch this story about Assane Diop, a ‘gentleman thief’ planning on avenging his wronged father by executing a daring robbery at The Louvre.

Played confidently by Omar Sy, this stylish heist drama hooked me right away, until I was unhooked by the horrible English language dubbing and lousy sound redesign that accompanies it. Why wasn’t the show just released in its original French language with subtitles? I didn’t even know that language dubbing was still a thing. Sorry, but I have always said that sound plays a huge part in visual storytelling and this is one of those ironic instances.

Watch the French-language version with subtitles, the current English-dubbed version on Netflix is distracting.

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