While the return of BAYMAX! is not entirely on par with DUG DAYS, they are equally warm-hearted.

Usually, I break down a series of shorts by episode, yet with BAYMAX! I don’t have to. That’s because every episode is a 😊. When BIG HERO 6 was released in 2014, I called it “the best superhero movie of the year.” I stand by that quote, even with releases that same year like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER.

The basic plot over six episodes is that Baymax (Scott Adsit) is on the job to help people in need. From a broken ankle, a fussy cat, and even a pre-teen menstruating for the first time (more on that in a second). This plot mechanism allows us to see the lovable Baymax do what he does best – help others. Through the first few episodes, I got the sense that the show wouldn’t connect to tell a bigger story. However, I was pleasantly proven wrong by episode six when the plot comes full circle making it the 😊 I’m giving it. 

Back to the point on the menstruating pre-teen – BAYMAX! is all about inclusion. For that alone, I recommend watching it. From the trans representation, gay love, and learning about how to have your first period – Baymax’s innocence allows the diverse group of people he meets to feel accepted. That’s a big theme for a small show about helping people, and it’s one where BAYMAX! succeeds.

The entire series is available on Disney+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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