"Lightning" strikes again on Arcade Fire's latest album - WE.

The Arcade Fire concert for their last album in 2017 was one of the top ten shows I’ve seen. Also, a fun fact. I saw it with fellow contributor Jami, and it was “Everything Now” for both of us. 

Jami and Aaron – circa 2017 at Arcade Fire’s Infinite Content tour.

Five years later, Arcade Fire is back with their latest album, WE. It continues their progression/style of rock and roll that slowly builds to a crescendo. It’s the type of album that you shut out the world and put noise-canceling headphones on to listen to from start to finish. So, HIGH FIDELITY style, here are my top five songs from the album in order.

  1. Track 8 | UNCONDITIONAL I (LOOKOUT KID) – As a new dad, this is the anthem played on repeat for my son, Aiden. The Arcade Fire performance of it on SNL this past weekend was the one thing that calmed my son to sleep after a rough night. 
  2. Track 6 | THE LIGHTNING I – No, “I won’t quit on” this slow build-up anthem that bleeds perfectly into… 
  3. Track 7 | THE LIGHTNING II – WE’s power anthem. And it’s enough to dance to in the “Suburbs.” 
  4. Track 4 | END OF AN EMPIRE I-III – This track hits it out of the sold-out stadium with Bono-like lyrics- “It’s you and I, it’s do or die suicide mission, baby by my side, we got one life and half of it’s gone. 
  5. Track 1 | AGE OF ANXIETY – A quiet, soulful start to an album you don’t want to “unsubscribe” from. 

WE is available on all streaming platforms.


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